Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jimmy Limo - Last Day At The Nevada Palace Photo Gallery

Last Day at the Palace

Sorry, I could not wait for the smoke to clear. Monday will be the day they bulldoze the Nevada Palace to the ground and make a parking lot for the new Eastside Cannery. No implosion, no ceremony, just kicking in the walls. I hope that the pictures provided by the Las Vegas Sun below will serve as a memory of the old Vegas without "ticket-in ticket out" - the reason why they handed out those "moist towelettes" will soon be lost to antiquity. But the wheels of progress must turn, nothing good lasts forever.

I will miss the Boulder Cafe with its $4.99 Chicken Breast A La Parmigiana and my favorite waitress Dee ( maybe now, looking at the prices in the other casinos, I can start my weight loss program in earnest. ) I will also miss the Nevada Palace's generous comp policy and my wife's uncanny ability to get reverse royals.

But most of all, I will miss Jimmy Limo's soft & smooth guitar playing in the background. I think Jimmy will land on his feet somewhere ( hopefully, at the Eastside Cannery ). Apparently, the management has received hundreds of postcards and phone calls from fans demanding that Jimmy's musical talent be retained at the Eastside Cannery.

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Photos from Tiffany Brown -- Las Vegas Sun -- February 29, 2008

More photos and commentary from Las Vegas Idiot site


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