Saturday, February 16, 2008

Money Can Buy You Love In Vegas -- Not What You Think!

Since my energy levels have been much diminished lately, I have not been able to post here as much as I wanted. So I missed writing about the Super Bowl Parties, and Romantic Valentine's getaways --- the two hottest topics of the recent season. Nevertheless, I will try to cook up for you to imbibe, some competitive gaming and pursuit of love combinations, but that may be a hard mixture to prepare or digest.

These are strange times. I keep hearing Paul McCartney singing his old song "Money Can't Buy Me Love". How true for him, considering his "Ticket To Ride" with Heather Mills is potentially costing him more than $3000 an hour. Yes, Three Grande for every hour he was married to the beech! How decidedly and emphatically not true for the average Vegas visitor. Here in Vegas, you can get a lot of love for much less than $3000 an hour...

But for those whose desire for intimacy is more social than romantic ( or physical ) may I suggest finding a socially networked slot machine and cheering loudly with your newfound friends during the jackpot events? I sat down at one of these networked slot machines with a group of five Vegas visitors -- strangers who became "friends", just like any social network. Social networked slots are where everybody playing at the same carousel ( can't remember the game's name, but it was not the "Wheel Of Fortune" ) gets a chance to cheer while drinking exotic drinks, for a commonly ( communally ? )shared random jackpot. I played one of these at ( of all places ) Circus Circus - the "newer" casino across from the Manor --- for about an hour --- while waiting for my wife to transact some legitimate nursing business in the Tower. I played the two cents minimum bet, which really stretched out my playing time. I met the coolest people, cheered until I could not speak, and walked ( more like staggered ) away with a forty buck profit. A social experience not unlike the average Super Bowl party, I mean "Big Game" party --- Money and "love" and free drinks. Now that's the Vegas I like. Even Sir Paul McCartney could not have done much better.


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