Saturday, September 15, 2007

OJ Loses In Vegas

If this suit fits, you must convict.

This time he really did it - to himself!

OJ Simpson faces potential armed robbery charges in Las Vegas. I don't understand why he wasn't arrested since stolen objects were recovered and he admits to being at the scene. I understand that the Las Vegas police have to be extremely careful before taking any action against the notorious acquitted killer of Ron Goldman & Nicole Simpson. His self initiated "sting" operation to recover supposedly stolen items about to be sold or auctioned is really a terrible defense, even if the items are really his, which is doubtful. He seems to have been at the scene of what amounts to a home invasion (breaking into a hotel room) and armed robbery. He has real problems with his story since: the police were apparently not involved in the sting; he refuses to name the people who accompanied him ( and they will most likely eventually turn against him ); and there may be at least one more witness other than the victim who will testify to the use of guns; and finally, don't forget that every hotel in Vegas has cameras capable of tracking your every move.

So I say, OJ, it seems like your bad karma has finally caught up with you. If it is all true, you may be "making up for lost time" (about 15 years in prison). If you are convicted, this will make you another "Vegas legend"; that is, another success story with a really bad ending. And OJ, please, don't tell the police that Charlie did it!!


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