Monday, September 17, 2007

Criss Angel Mindfreak This Week: Mentalism



Tuesday, September 18 10:00pm ET
Wednesday, September 19 2:00am ET

Mentalism is the use of one's mind to conduct para-psychological activities such as telepathy and mind reading. Criss has certainly been well versed in these areas of psychology and takes his powers out into the public. First, he takes a shot at being a human lie detector, baffling the polygraph technicians, and later connects the thoughts of two playboy bunnies. He then astounds Flavor Flav when he predicts the time of his famous clock necklace and freaks out Jamie Kennedy as he magically pulls thoughts out of Jamie's mind. Criss will also attempt the unprecedented feat of teleporting a group of people from one elevator to another in one single continuous camera shot.

A&E Tue, Sep 18 10:30 PM Burning Man

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