Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Jimmy Limo's New Web Site

Jimmy Limo, the professional guitarist & vocalist & Las Vegas legend, has a new web site.

Please visit his website & support his music!

Nevada Palace

TO HEAR JIMMY LIMO “LIVE !” AT THE NEVADA PALACE, CLICK THE SAMPLE SONGS BELOW. Here’s a sampling of Jimmy Limo recorded “LIVE” at the Nevada Palace. ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Jimmy& The Q

"The very talented Las Vegas based guitarist Jimmy Limo and world class sax player Tony Q ( Tony ... Jimmy Limo & Tony Q are currently performing at the ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


Jimmy Limo is a professional guitarist and vocalist whose music has been entertaing crowds for over 30 years. Bo rn and raised in the outskirts of Los ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


The Great Beyond. Jimmy Limo - It’s Party Time. more... FOR BOOKING INFORMATION CONTACT JIMMY AT (702)547-0555 OR EMAIL- JIMMYLIMO1@YAHOO.COM ... - 27k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


... ‘60’s culture that spawned lava lamps and blacklight posters, Jimmy Limo has created a cool and trippy artform he calls “electric-guitar-art”. ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


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