Friday, April 27, 2007

Mercurial Mile's Vegas Gaming Corner - Dealers

How much roughly do casino dealers make ?

How much money do dealers make is the question of the day from Yahoo Answers. The answer by "somebody in the profession" is:
"It varies so much across the country, but you can easily expect to make $65K-90K."

What is it like to work as a casino craps dealer?

"Casinos are full of noise. Mainly, it's the ring and clang of the slot sections. If it's hollering and screaming, you can bet it's coming from the craps pit. Craps is the fast game, the exciting game. Many agree that it's the best bet in the entire place.

The following is an interview of a dual rate, craps boxman and floorman. That is a person that's carried on the payroll as a boxman, but has to perform duties of a floorman several nights a week, and on those nights, he is paid as a floorman..."

Jump here for the interview from About Las Vegas.

Call for dealer's stories

I would be interested in hearing from Las Vegas dealers about their experiences working in a casino. I'm sure there are many interesting stories! I will publish them here, anonymously. (send to: Mike_L_Fisher at


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