Saturday, April 21, 2007

Las Vegas Keeps Its Frontier Town Charm?

"A quick note from Las Vegas to let you all know what a warm, comforting and quiet town it has remained. Truly, this is a place that time has forgot. They have retained the charm of the frontier town just as it was founded in 1805. It is a marvelous, transcendental town full of generous people and possessing the Judeo-Christian values we all seek to improve in our lives. There has been a small amount of construction, but it is always done in the frontier style and is very much in keeping with the “old general store” look of this valley town. It is an inviting place, where people from all walks of life are made to feel right at home by the gentle touch of the natives in their colorful garb. Truly, Las Vegas is a trip back in time and a slice of genuine Americana."

I love sarcasm! Thanks for the great blog entry and video, Steve at Worst Attitude Ever
I kind of miss the "Old Vegas" and am not always excited about the direction Vegas is growing going.


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