Monday, March 12, 2007

Bill's Gamblin' Hall And Saloon Keeps Big Elvis -Adds A Friday Show

The extra large size of the Elvis impersonation brand will perform at Bill's lounge in the new "Bill's Gamblin' [two apostrophes in a name is bad branding?] Hall and Saloon". This is good news for Big Elvis fans everywhere. Apparently, Big Elvis has added a Friday afternoon show. "Bill's Gamblin' Hall And Saloon" is the former Barbary Coast, for those who like to follow such things. Corporate swaps and buyouts bore the heck out of me for the most part. I hate the new name, but Barbary Coast was never a zinger of a brand name either. Come to think of it, those darn pirates always took my money! They should just tare the place down and build something more appropriate for the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard, known by Vegas Insiders as the Famous Four Corners! I know, I asked a Vegas Insider, and he said it was true! "Tare the place down!" he said.

( Photo and news flash both credited to Vegas Tripping )


GroovesGirlVegas said...

wild one there
I have at least three friends who say "You haven't seen Vegas until you've seen Big Elvis."
Also, "Bill's Gamblin' Hall & change of Barbary Coast
just goes to prove the only constant in Vegas is C H A N G E!

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