Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Vegas traveller has a problem I wish I had!

Well..., Hopefully SO!!

From Vegas Message Board:

"I have been to Vegas a few time, but always with friends. I'm going to 2 days with my girl and I'm looking for a nice room with a bath that will fit two people. I am stuck between the Spa Suite at the Luxor or a Tower suite at Mirage. Luxor is $205 a night and the Mirage is $260 a night. I just saw the the NYNY has a Marquis Suite that says it has a hot tub for $230 a night. What would you guys sugest? Thank you much for your help."

This sounds so funny to me when I think of the range of "problems" a person can have! I just had to share this. Many years ago I may have had the same concerns, but these days I feel good just to wake up still breathing! And a small bathtub with a shower sounds just fine!


Anonymous said...


Incidentally I've never been in a spa room anywhere in Vegas but I like the rooms in all 3 hotels. NYNY would probably be my favorite, though.

GroovesGirlVegas said...

I have to say that I've watched the rates double over the past seven years on the strip.
You might want to check out
the Artisan or hotels downtown.
They might be a tad less expensive and have the spa.
Even over at Red Rock Station Casino/ Hotel and up on Mt. Charleston the rooms are about $200 + for a night with a hot tub.
go figure!

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