Monday, March 12, 2007

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch - Site Of The Day

The site of the day is Nick Christenson's Las Vegas Casino Death Watch page. Here he tracks the hotel/casinos that he feels are most likely to close their doors in the near future.

Makes for very interesting reading. Hats off to you, Nick, for a very informative web site!

Oh, BTW: the photo above is (left to right) our friend Carmen, my wife, and yours truly taken over two years ago at the Lady Luck Casino. (click photo for a very large, unflattering image) We are still waiting for the re-opening of the Lady Luck!


GroovesGirlVegas said...

Hey Mike
and all with What's Happening, Vegas?"
Nice one with the "Casino Death Watch"

very cool indeed!

People come just to watch implosions here.
It's an attraction by itself.

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