Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Henderson Home Sick Blues

Henderson, Nevada Suburb

"Henderson Home Sick Blues"
by MercurialMike

( still tryin' to get Bob Dylan & "The Band" to write the music for this! :)
There's strange happenings in my cul de sac;
Somebody took my recycles, and they ain't givin' them back

My garage door was left open, so a midnight knock on my door;
The senior patrol wondering if I'm dead on the floor

Morning comes, I look up the street, the postman's  not in sight,
Waiting for my social security so I have  cash at the casino tonight

There was quite a commotion on my street last year, a portent of bad luck,
When the street sweeper collided with that ol' garbage truck

Not old enough for meals on wheels or Para-transit; I guess I'm a senior tweenie,
I got this headache, lower back pain,and the doc tells me I need a pill for my weenie

Too conservative to indulge in lefty class envy,
But those bums still get free meals, heath care, and they all live rent free

I make sure my accountant shows my income is less than one quarter mil
I always say he's worth every penny until he sends me that big bill

If I'm envious it's of my neighbor two doors down
His driveway is glazed, his wife has not aged, and he never wears a frown ! :)

My poor neighbor cross the street is always wearing a frown,
He lost his job, had his car repossessed, and his house is upside down :(

My nosy next door neighbor what's his name is peeking through the shade
Man, get yourself a hobby, join the senior center, don't rain on my parade !

It's not easy as you think standing on Easy Street,
I may be older & wiser, but I still have to elevate my feet

I pray to the man up stairs to get me through my daily chores,
Keep me alive one more day and keep those CC&R police away from my doors :)


Rush - "Subdivisions"


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