Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jimmy Limo "Live" At The Skyline Casino

Jimmy Limo - "Cadillac Mama"

Exclusive! New original tune by Jimmy Limo just released to the public today!

Jimmy goes into technical details about the setup for his new video ( from his YouTube comments ) below:

Recorded "LIVE" at Skyline Casino in Henderson NV (Las Vegas) November 2010. Filmed with Kodak Zi8 pocket camcorder at 720p 60fps, I ran a direct line from my mixer into the mic input on the Zi8. ATTN MUSICIANS- GIVES YOU A GREAT "LIVE" RECORDING SOUND ! All backup tracks recorded by Jimmy. Playing 2001 Fender Teal Sparkle USA Stratocaster (with Joe Barden pickups) thru Yamaha DG Stomp pedal and into Bose L1 PAS sound system. Way cool Shure Super 55 "Elvis" mic chrome plated and internally lit with red and blue LED's by Chris at . For my videos, gig calendar, songlists and bio go to

Also, for the song lyrics view the original video at YouTube.

Jimmy Limo sings and plays guitar every Tuesday & Wednesday night, 6:00pm - 10:00pm, at the Skyline Casino, Henderson, NV:
Skyline Restaurant & Casino
1741 N. Boulder Hwy.
Henderson, NV
Phone: 702-565-9116

Jimmy Limo - "Cadillac Mama"

Jimmy Limo - "Live At The Skyline Casino, MELLOW GUITAR" Demo #1

Jimmy Limo - "Rockin' At The Skyline" Demo #2


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