Saturday, August 28, 2010

Personal Ad: Local Henderson Couple Looking For A Nice Meal Deal

My wife and I went over to the local Henderson Sunset Station Casino late yesterday morning with the idea of eating brunch. We had not eaten there for at least a year. My wife, who is a nurse, had a particularly brutal work week, and we were looking for a place to just sit and relax. My usual habit is to drop my wife off at the door closest to the cafe and then self park since the parking lot adjacent had plenty of available spaces.

As soon as I pulled up to the curb, I noticed that there was a sign for Coco's Restaurant. I thought: here is another example of a disturbing trend where the locals casinos have relinquished the management of their "cafes" ( I am old, and say things like "coffee shops" and luncheonettes :-) to national restaurant chains. So I called the casino from the curb to ask if they still had anything other than Coco's where we could order brunch. They verified that there was only a Coco's, and so my immediate thought was why should I eat at their Coco's when there are Coco's all over Henderson and The Vegas Valley ? So as I am talking to the hotel operator this bicycle riding security guard who looks like he could be an extra as a Nazi in some WWII movie, is tapping on my window ordering me to move out of the "fire zone". WOOPS ! Welcome mat is pulled out from under our feet --- and we drive away somewhat dismayed by the lack of their customer appreciation. No wonder these properties are always struggling...

Anyway, we drove a very short distance from the shadow of the immense Sunset Station sign, to the relatively tiny Gold Rush casino located just off Sunset & Marks. When we arrived there, conveniently parking within a few steps of the entrance, the small cafe was empty: no wait, friendly staff, decent prices, and as it turned out really good food. A bonus: low cigarette smoke levels because the casino was also relatively sparse of patrons before the Friday evening crowds arrived.

I enjoyed their Huevos Rancheros, and my wife had a really nice baked salmon meal, all for less than $20. I would advise going there when it is not too crowded; we just happened to hit their property at the right time and we enjoyed a nice relaxing meal together.

Recent Restaurant Finds

My wife and I love to find new places for breakfast, as we often travel to the nearby towns within a 100 mile radius of Vegas. We have written about this topic in the past, but are always on the lookout for unique ( and good ) places to eat breakfast or brunch.

Recently, we have found a couple more that we would like to recommend:

  • DonKats Red & White Diner --- this place is perfectly located just off the "Highway To Pahrump" which makes it convenient for breakfast before we travel there, great food in an authentic 50's diner setting !!
  • Southwest Diner --- this has become our favorite place to eat when we visit Boulder City !! You have to try it to appreciate it !
  • Las Vegas' third Hash House location at the "M" Resort oh so close to where we live! When they build it ( opening early October 2010 ) we will definitely come!
Would be interested to hear from other Henderson and Vegas locals with their stories about favorite places to eat breakfast and brunch. We used to go to the Casino Monte Lago at The Lakes Resort, and we really miss it ! ( Comments can not be anonymous. Sorry, I had to up the security to prevent endless spam :)...

So, who knew ? Wildfire gaming, which manages the Gold Rush amongst other casinos is now owned by Station Casinos. A case of the big fish eating up the smaller fish? BTW and speaking of eating (!),with a player's card, the Gold Rush has a great burger meal deal: 1/2 lb. Burger with Fries & Drink for $4.99 :)


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