Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Search Of Breakfast In Henderson

That free meal deal at Denny's on Tuesday advertised during the Superbowl did not really motivate me and my wife to run out and join the chow lines at the Fiesta Casino. But it got the lizard part of my brain thinking about food, sex, clothing and shelter --- you know, the kinds of survival things that lizard minds think of constantly, but at my age like Homer Simpson I think mostly about food and my favorite meal: BREAKFAST!. I am not going to blather about stocking water, weapons, or "Meals Ready To Eat" - yuk ! Or an alternate energy source off the power grid. What I am talking about today is why the f--k there aren't any really good and reasonably priced breakfast places in Henderson ( except the ones that my good readers will now suggest to me ! ). I mean, beyond the fast food places and the lower priced greasy spoons, there has to be a clean place ( with an A+ health rating !)that has meals reasonably priced ( maybe $20-$30 max for two people ? ), carefully prepared, with quality ingredients and great service? --- but not that expensive that you can only eat there on special occasions ( which I realize would be different for different budgets ). My apologies go out up front to the fortunate people that don't care how much they spend for a meal; and also especially to the growing numbers of unfortunate people who have succumbed to the current great recession-depression-"end of society as we know it", and can barely feed their family at home. I've been down and out myself during a few job layoffs in my life and I sincerely empathise with you.

Rather than listing all the places in Henderson that I have had breakfast and the reasons why I was disappointed and won't go back, I will merely list some places that I think meet all my criteria. There are none in Henderson. An exception would be the Tenuta Cafe at the Casino MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas. And maybe a few Mexican restaurants that serve Huevos Al Gusto that I have not tried yet. There are a few good places in Vegas like the Peppermill ( which I have not visited for years), but lately the prices have gone up and the deals in the hotels are almost non-existent. I've heard some good things about the Hash House (none in Henderson), have you tried it?

In my travels outside the borders of this valley, to towns within 60 miles of Vegas, I have found wonderful places that I wish were located on Horizon Ridge ( here in Henderson ). They have reasonably priced and carefully prepared breakfasts with great service that makes you want to return often. And we do, every time we travel there on my wife's business. Of course, these establishments would not survive in a lower populated area unless they created traffic and return customers. And, of course, most likely the rents for these places are lower, which theoretically makes it easier to pass the savings to the customer. Which makes me think why the higher quality local restaurants are failing: maybe people, both struggling and well-healed, are eating at McDonald's, Denny's and any place they can get a deal regardless of the quality. But, in these uncertain economic times, do you blame them?

Some Out-Of-Town Restaurants I Wish Were On Horizon Ridge In Henderson :-)

All highly recommended ...

Overton - Sugar's Home Plate

Pahrump - The Pahrump Cafe - no review available, but trust me, it's good and worth the drive !

Boulder City - World Famous Coffee Cup

A Couple Of Ho-Hum Offers From The Fiesta Henderson

Well, maybe we will use them ...

Also, I don't agree with the Las Vegas Review Journal poll of best breakfast places in Vegas. I don't like the IHOP or The Original Pancake House. Maybe a topic for a future blog post :-)


CowgirlUpGraceCity said...

I HATE IHOP, Dennys is ok i did do the "FREE-Grand Slam last Week. My FAVE place for Breakfast is Bluberry Hill!!! Esp since they have Re-Done/Re-Built their Menu its now HUGE!!! ~TRACY(Whitney Ranch/Henderson,NV)

MercurialMike said...

Hi Tracy! Ya know, I have not been to Blueberry Hill for a long time, but at your recommendation, I will give it a try. Tomorrow morning I was planning on using the Fiesta Henderson's Buffet's 2-for-1 for breakfast or maybe brunch. Not sure if they serve brunch on Saturdays.

Thanks for your comment!

CowgirlUpGraceCity said...

Awesome! U will have tell me what u think of BlueBerry Hill & how Brunch at the Fiesta went?!?!

~TRACY (Whitney Ranch/Henderson,NV)

MercurialMike said...

So, we never actually made it back to the Fiesta, but we did try the Blueberry Hill. The Eggs Benedict were excellent, although they had to remake them because they put the eggs on the Hollandaise Sauce, instead of vice versa. They have a great menu and friendly waitresses! Thanks, Tracy, for all your comments...

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