Wednesday, January 13, 2010

XMAS Wrap-up From Las Vegas Olympic Gardens

I have been a patron of Olympic Garden, or “OG” for at least three years. I enjoy watching male strippers, and there are plenty of them in an upstairs room at OG. For those that fancy the female dancers, they are in plentiful supply on the ground floor of the nightclub.

A female friend and I decided to dress in Naughty Santa’s Helpers costumes before Christmas and spread a little Christmas, or Xmas, cheer at OG. We almost didn’t make it past the cashier. We were told there was a “dress code” and that managers would have to give approval before we could venture upstairs to see the Men of Olympus. I was shocked. We were wearing more than the female strippers in the club, but I was being told I might not be allowed in because of what I was wearing? Please.

Good sense prevailed and we were allowed entrance. OG has been in business for 20 years. I don’t think our outfits would prevent them for operating at least 20 more.

In the past couple of years the club has been undergoing a facelift, both inside in the décor and outside with the signage. Upstairs the booths have more privacy for lap dances and the carpeting and paint was updated.

I know a lot of the dancers by name…which is either something to be proud of or something to be sheepish about, but I haven’t decided which. Long-time dancers like Xavier, Christopher, Tiki, Shane, Nate, and Antonio are the exception, not the rule here. Most of the men are young, and the turnover is high. Xavier and Christopher are now in their 30’s and work hard to keep their physiques pleasing to the female customers. Male customers are allowed, as long as they are in the company of women. Many couples do venture upstairs to have a drink, watch the men on stage, and tip the dancers.

Many of the dancers are actors, models, and athletes. Except for the recent sluggish economy, most of the time these men can make very good tips by entertaining the throngs of women, many of them from L.A., that visit celebrating a birthday or that are staging a bachelorette party. Women just need to remember that they are in control of how much money gets spent on tips. The men, just like the women downstairs, can be aggressive in their pursuit of a tip, but women need to know when to draw the line and say “no,” which gets progressively more difficult as more alcohol is consumed.

Watching male dancers at OG is very different than watching a stage show at “Thunder From Down Under” or “Chippendales.” It’s, shall we say, more interactive. You can tip the men and lap dances cost $20. Lap dances can be tableside or in the privacy of a booth. It’s all how you want it…if you want it. Men are called up on stage by name and some of them have very athletic, sexy, and funny routines. You can also pay extra and have your hapless birthday girl or bachelorette called up on stage and made the center of attention.

We did have fun socializing with the guys before their Christmas break. I was told to keep my coat on upstairs, which I complied with…most of the time. I mean, it was getting hot up there, and what’s a girl to do?

Xavier & Julie

Christopher & Julie

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