Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Casino MonteLago Goes Bye Bye - Arrivederci !
( Or is that "Buy, Buy"?)

Was I one of the last to know or what? When I found out that they are closing one of my favorite spots in Henderson next month, the Casino Monte Lago at Lake Las Vegas, I just had to visit the property tonight to pick up my last midweek "player appreciation" gifts and say goodbye to some of the people that I know who work there and will soon be looking for new employment. Oh, and also to say goodbye to my money for maybe the last time ;-0 Those gifts were a "step above" most casino promotions. And most of the people that worked there were very friendly and nice to me and my wife. And it wasn't just the casino that attracted me -- it was also the restaurant ( Tenuta Cafe ); and long walks though the village which were good for my heart; and perhaps most importantly, an endless schedule of events like concerts, wine tasting, and fireworks in the village ( which incidentally will remain open ).

I knew or sensed, based on the traffic, which was beginning to get poor even on the weekends, that this casino's days were numbered. But everybody acted like the party would never end.

So for me the closing will begin a period of grief and mourning, almost like losing a good friend; and then maybe I will stay home more or more likely start spending my spare nickels at the "M" resort !

Rumor has it that investors, including Donald Trump, are already eyeing this "distressed" property; so, I predict that we may see the resurrection of this casino in the near future. Well, at least I can indulge in some wishful thinking ...

In case you missed the news here is a list of breaking news reports.

Click here for current events at Montelago Village Resort at Lake Las Vegas.


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