Friday, August 06, 2010

R2K Studio In Las Vegas Is A Photographer’s Dream

There are so many things going on in the Arts District, which is in the Downtown area of Las Vegas. There’s First Friday, which is a monthly grassroots community festival showcasing art, galleries, performing artists, and vendors. An art installment, made up of two 45-foot giant “Paintbrushes” – neon and metallic sculptures by New York artist Dennis Oppenheim, were installed on July 29th at Charleston and Fourth Street and at Casino Center Drive, and serve as the Gateway to the Arts District.

Since April of 2010 Roxy Lee has been the owner, operator and creative force behind another addition to the District – R2K Studio. It is a spacious photography studio with one simple photographic ideology: “You don’t take a picture…you make it.” (credited to Ansel Adams). Roxy is a lively, vivacious former model who has owned a lingerie company called House of Hearts, and has done wardrobe styling for numerous glamour/boudoir photo shoots.

Roxy believes what sets her R2K Studio apart from others in Las Vegas is the fact that it is a “one-stop shop” for photographers and their shoots. She has props, sets, wardrobe and a full line of equipment available; sets and props are ever-changing so photographers will feel they have someplace fresh and new to use while shooting. She also offers the public a place for them to come for portrait services from Fashion Photography to Newborn Photography. She also offers a Shared Space Program (similar to a co-op) and a Photographer’s Agency.

On a recent First Friday, I was able to be present at R2K, which had its doors open to the public. I was put into use as a wardrobe and make-up assistant during a photo shoot, which was one of several that occurred during that hot Friday evening. Music blasted into the studio while photographers worked, models posed, and others stood by to watch or lend their support.

While R2K is a hub of creativity on First Friday, it is booked and utilized on other days as well. It is a welcome addition to the creative energy and environment that is the Arts District.

R2K Studio

Location: 1201 S. Commerce Street(at Colorado)
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: 702-207-0R2K


All photo credits: Julie Kasperson ( click pictures to enlarge )

-VegasJules ( Julie Kasperson ) can be contacted through her facebook page.

Princess At The Mirror Doing Hair

Princess At The Mirror Doing Makeup

Solo Getting Makeup


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