Friday, June 11, 2010

Krave Nightclub Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend

DJ Morningstar At Krave

I ventured out during Memorial Weekend for Krave Nightclub’s “Big Gay Memorial Weekend.” Yes, that it was, Mary! For $20 I could get locals’ admission and receive drink specials and freebies.

Friday night was Foam Party night. I went to one of Krave’s foam parties last year. I hope the one I attended this year is not indicative of what to expect this summer season, if any more foam parties are planned. The patrons were rude, pushing and shoving their way through the club, which was wasn’t even crowded, considering it was a holiday weekend. But some really idiotic people decided to dive-bomb the rubberized pool area where the foam is piped in, I guess thinking that the bubbles would hold them up. Bad idea. I saw several patrons being escorted out by security, a little cut-up and bruised after crashing to the bottom of the bubble-filled pool. And the foam had barely started. It was downhill from there for me. Yes, I got into the foam, dressed only in my one-piece bathing suite, but only for a short while.

Sunday night was “Soldier Boy Showdown - Oil Wrestling”. I had more fun this night. My favorite DJ, DJ Morningstar, was spinning on this night, which always guarantees for me great music to dance to, if nothing else. But there was something else: some of the more muscular go-go dancers pitted against each other, oiled up and wrestling in a rubberized, sort-of boxing ring. That was too fun and hilarious to watch. I also met some energized patrons that had flown in that day from England that were tearing up the dance floor. Krave attracts its share of tourists, since it sits on the corner of Harmon and The Strip, next to Planet Hollywood. It advertises itself as being the only “alternative” nightclub on The Strip, which is probably right. Except now they have competition on Sunday nights, where “Closet Sundays” draws a crowd at Revolution Lounge at the Mirage.

I have been going to Krave for about three years now or more. Even though I’m straight, I enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance it offers. For the most part, patrons are fun and friendly, the go-go dancers (both male and female) are hot and fun to watch and the music is great to dance to. It attracts a mix of straight, lesbian and gay patrons. For those “girls who like girls,” there is Girlbar next door at the Lounge, also known as Dollhaus.

Photos By Julie Kasperson

British Blonde Dancer

Oil Wrestlers

All photo credits: Julie Kasperson ( click pictures to enlarge )

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