Sunday, June 13, 2010

LV Glam a Bright Spot During Memorial Day Holiday

This was my second LV Glam in two months. I’m still nervous about my skills, because I keep comparing myself to the pro photographers who work alongside me, shooting the models that attend every month.

LV Glam is the brainchild of Adam Martinez of Vegas Music and Film. It is a live networking event and provides a creative platform for the photographer, model, makeup artist, body painter, fashion designer, and hair stylist. May’s networking event went into its new summer hours, from 4-8 p.m., and for me, it keeps on getting better and better, month after month. Much to my happiness and delight, we had three male models to work with: John, Anwar, and Zack, in addition to the four female models present, which included Victoria, Princess and Heather. We also had a talented MUA (make-up artist)/hair stylist named Sabrina, and three fashion designers: Beverly, Victoria, and Zack.

I think I felt more at ease this time around, considering it was only my second Glam, and I was surrounded by so much talent and creativity. The property where Glam takes place is in the heart of the Arts District, in Downtown Las Vegas. It becomes a focal point of activity during the monthly First Friday event. But for now, it was ground zero for fashion and glamour.

I was very happy to see male models attend this month’s Glam. My interest and focus is on the male model, and it’s been difficult for me to convince male models to attend Glam. The event is free for models; photographers pay a $25 fee to attend and shoot. Both times I’ve attended the shooting goes past the official ending time; there are no time limits where creativity is involved. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in what you are doing with a model that you lose track of time and are having so much fun that you don’t want to call it a day.

Some LV Glam Photos By Julie Kasperson

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Zack, Princess, & Anwar

All photo credits: Julie Kasperson ( click pictures to enlarge )

-VegasJules ( Julie Kasperson ) can be contacted through her facebook page.


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