Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex and The City The Movie DVD release official Warner Bros. party at The Wynn

I heard about the HBO® series "Sex and The City" from a true New Yorker friend of mine who was living Candace Bushnell's life. A doppelganger in-trust, I heard about her real life escapades in trying to find love in the big apple via email and phone "blah blah" catch up sessions.
My friend would speak about this episode of S. A.T. C and that one and how it was true to her life in New York.

Fast forward to the time when TBS ® stations picked up the series in syndication. I wondered if the show would hold up to the DVD's that were rented at the local video rental shop. The rated "R" stuff being cut out didn't phase any of the viewers apparently because the show gained even more popularity. People wouldn't let Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte go.

A friend of mine here in sin city has a "I'm Samantha" t-shirt. Girls bond these days by introducing themselves in Sex and the City character terms to see if they'll mesh with one another and to somehow describe their philosophical outlook on their sex life. I have to admit back when my New Yorker friend said that Sex and the City is a great show it sounded a bit provocative for my taste. I didn't think there would be a character for moi in the series. I admit I'm a "Charlotte." I may look like a Samantha, but not living that lifestyle at all. In our fantasies perhaps a lot of us girls are Samantha but not in real life.

When Sex and The City the movie came out we attended the film in a packed theatre of fashion wearing folks. There were metro sexual guys in the audience alongside the gays and the throngs of ladies with their Sex and the City fashion accessories and brands. They say the show had a hard time getting fashion at first but eventually the fashion dam broke and viola! an apparel empire began.

Cosmopolitan drinks can thank Sex and The City for their immense popularity. Manolo Blahnik shoes are a staple after Sex and The City and not just for those in the know about the shoe guru. Vivienne Westwood did the wedding dress for the film. It's featured in the Las Vegas store Outfit (pictured below).

Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress from Sex and The City The Movie
Outfit apparel store
The Wynn Esplanade (shopping row)

Tonight women across the United States were celebrating the DVD release of the movie
Sex and The City The Movie. The official Warner Brothers ® party was in The Wynn in Las Vegas in the Manolo Blahnik store, the Outfit store and the Black Satin store.
DJ Kimberly Hess spun lively music on her pioneer gear and serato scratch with some banging EON monitors/ speakers. Champagne was provided by Moet & Chandon.

Julia and model Black Satin Lingerie Store The Wynn Las Vegas

Julia on walkway with Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton signage The Wynn Las Vegas

"Fuck" pillow!!!!!!
Black Satin The Wynn

Stockings Black Satin The Wynn

Gorgeous models from the store Outfit The Wynn

DJ Kimberly Hess @ Manolo Blahnik Shoe Store The Wynn Esplanade Las Vegas

Julia and model from Black Satin Lingerie store The Wynn Las Vegas

The silver Manolo Blahnik "Carrie Bradshaw" shoe. Carrie attends a baby shower where she is asked to take off her shoes inside the home. After the party she finds that someone has stolen her Manolo's.

Manolo Blahnik Silver shoe from Sex and The City.

When we attended the film we had a copy of the Vogue magazine Sex and The City edition complete with Annie Leibovitz photographs of the girls, the fashion from the film, and one of the best kiss photographs ever: Big and Carrie smooching!
Now that Sex and The City the movie is available on DVD there will be the opportunity for the curious but otherwise occupied folks to catch up on the fashion, the sisterhood, the scenery of the big apple, and the sex talk!

Respect, Peace and Light
Xtine on the sin city fashion (and DVD release) scene


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