Monday, September 15, 2008

Xtine and Friends at Las Vegas' Lavo, Krave, Blush, Asia and more

Angela, Xtine and Sonya @ Lavo.

Julia @ Lavo Las Vegas in The Palazzo

Xtine going to Krave!

Julia and Julia @ KRAVE Saturday night for DJ Morningstar!

This weekend we attended the soft opening of Lavo, the newest venture of Tao.
Lavo "bath house", restaurant, lounge and club is similar in decor to Tao but with numerous water features. There are women in the built in niches inside the walls taking baths. There are other women who are wrapped up in hookah pipe stems.
As one would expect Lavo was packed full of patrons. We had the best time!

It's not a party until someone gets (ever so politely) kicked out and escorted to their vehicle in a wheelchair (complimentary of the hotel's staff). The music that was being played was a mixture of hip hop and top forty from the past 25 years. The crowd was truly international and highly fashion conscious.

Expect long delays in gaining entrance into Lavo forever more. Tao could have a dozen of their ventures here in Las Vegas and they all would more than likely be a success. It's a combination of things really: the right decor, the right food, real crystal, gorgeous staff, great sound system, fabulous vibes all around, etc.!

Buckets of Water in Lavo in The Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas.

Amber jeweled lamps in Lavo's lounge.

P.S. there is a lounge/ restaurant area and the club for Lavo is upstairs. We were unable to get an appropriate photo of the club upstairs due to the large amount of patrons and the "mood lighting". I can assure you won't be disappointed though, as the club is as gorgeous as the lounge.

Lavo's open as a club from Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant/lounge is open seven days/ nights per week.

For more info. visit their web site: Lavo

or call 702. 791.1800 restaurant/ lounge and Lavo Club 702. 791.1818

Xtine and Sonya @ LAVO in The Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas.

We also attended a Las Vegas Weekly party at Blush in The Wynn. The place was packed full of patrons, but not too many people were taking advantage of the hard working dj's set of music to cut the rug. The crowd in Blush were mingling during a Las Vegas style (late) Happy Hour from 9 PM until 11 PM . We saw several people smoking the biggest cigars I've ever seen. We left about 11 PM, which is the the official opening time for Blush's clubbing adventure/ party immediately following their "Mixers & Shakers" happy hour party. Blush has recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

Lights @ BLUSH in The Wynn

This weekend we decided to support our good friend DJ Morningstar @ Krave. Krave's been open about 3 & 1/2 years. It's on Harmon Ave. at LV Blvd. just outside the doors of Planet Hollywood. The 'straight friendly' pan-sexual-alternative club touted as the "only alternative lifestyle club on the strip" is awesome. I say this not only as a friend of the resident dj, who just so happens to be the number one house dj in Vegas but because it is full of friendly fun! The go-go dancers are the best looking in the business. The staff is the sweetest you can imagine. The music keeps everyone on their feet. Take your friends to Krave!

Xtine partying @ Krave

For more info. about Krave, please visit their web site: Krave

We also went to Asia, which is a club in Planet Hollywood. It's in the space previously occupied by Crustacean. We stopped by the Heart Bar in Planet Hollywood and inquired at Prive. Prive was only accepting patrons who had table reservations last night, and seeing that we all had a lively weekend so far, we were unable to honor their policy. That's not to say we won't be trying to go to another event @ Prive for a review at a future date.

Future clubbing blogs will be about the upcoming Fabulous Festival, which we're showing the flyer and links to the web site dedicated to the event on Sat. Nov. 1st.

Julia and Julia posing pretty @ Krave.

Respect, Peace and Light

Xtine on the sin city scene

Fabulous Festival


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how you can cram so much fun into one evening out!

Anonymous said...

Lavo nightclub has definetly brought something completely new to the nightlife scene. Ive been to so many different nightclubs especially ones out here in Vegas, and Lavo is by far my favorite!!! I love the ambiance and the feel of not being in a Vegas nightclub. Definetly check Lavo out!!!

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