Sunday, September 21, 2008

George Knapp Discusses UFO Crash Near Las Vegas On Coast To Coast AM Tonight

"A large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas. Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since a bunch of helicopters hauled it away. Chief Investigative Reporter George Knapp has the story."

George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter for KLAS-TV Las Vegas, will present an update of this story during the first hour of Coast To Coast AM radio show tonight. That's in 45 minutes from now ( 10 PM PT ) but repeated at 2 AM Monday morning and also available as MP3 downloads by Streamlink subscribers. ( Or with some luck, you can find a free stream server here. )

The Coast To Coast AM radio program can be heard locally in the Las Vegas area on KXNT AM 84O on the AM dial but is syndicated nationally on over 600 stations coast to coast.

See also: Knell, Bill "The Needles UFO Crash - What Really Happened?." The Needles UFO Crash - What Really Happened?


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