Friday, August 08, 2008

Live From Las Vegas, It's Jimmy Limo !

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Jimmy Limo must be the hardest working one man live musical lounge act in Las Vegas --- anybody can easily realize the truth of that statement from the first time they see and hear him perform. ( Although Jimmy confides in me that he never really tires of doing what he loves to do. ) Jimmy plays guitar. Jimmy sings. The people listen and like what they hear. They turn away from the overwhelming distractions of the casino or their hectic lives to really listen to Jimmy sing and play. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, Jimmy plays "real good for free".

If you live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, or you are a tourist staying on the Strip or Downtown, chances are that you are very near a Jimmy Limo venue. Jimmy performs at casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants, and also the occasional private party. Check out his schedule ( below ) and just go there and just say hello to Jimmy; Jimmy is very accessible, and he takes requests: he has a play list of several hundred songs, so chances are your favorite song is amongst them. And Jimmy will also play his own original compositions, so if you are at a loss for words or very shy, just say the secret word "Na Pali".

I have known Jimmy for as many months as there are days in the month ( over 2 1/2 years now ); and although I might be somewhat biased, I invite you to listen to him and come to your own conclusions. I have known him as a dedicated artist who loves his music and who puts so much sincere effort into pleasing the crowd.

I love Jimmy's surf music the most. But Jimmy likes his blues guitar the most. His hero is Stevie Ray Vaughan. But he also likes the slower ballads of his other greatest influence, Jimi Hendrix. As it turns out, Jimmy has many musical influences, because Jimmy loves music and it shows. During a set, Jimmy easily transitions from the blues, to classic rock, to smooth jazz and ( he jokes ), if forced to, he will also play country! But what Jimmy really likes the most are the pure tones coming from his Fender Stratocaster guitar.

  • Jimmy Limo "returns" ( @ the same location where the Nevada Palace once stood! ) to the Pinup's Lounge @ The Eastside Cannery starting August 29 from 4:30 - 7:30PM - check his schedule ( click above ) for confirmed future dates!

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GroovesGirlVegas said...

Stevie Ray Vaughn is also a hero of mine.
I should stop by for some of those gigs!

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