Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama Campaign in Nevada

Barack Obama's campaign headquarters in Clark County is now open in the Hermosa Plaza on Eastern Road just south of Desert Inn Road.

The tireless volunteers and hard working staff have a small 'wish list' of items. If anyone has some of these items for loan or donation they can count them as donations to the Obama Campaign for Change:

  • Printer

  • Refrigerator

  • Coffee Pot

  • Tacks/ Push pins

  • Hand soap

  • Tissues

  • Business Cards

There are many new branches open for Barack Obama which have opened in the past few weeks. Many people are a tiny bit confused when they try to go to the Obama office they went to during the caucus in January, but those offices have closed.
The new offices are located in various strip malls throughout the valley.

Something worth mentioning; Senator Hillary Clinton will be in Las Vegas for an Obama rally at Green Valley High School on Friday, August 8th, 2008.
Doors open 11 AM. The program/ rally begins @ 12:15 PM

Tickets are mandatory to attend the rally but are completely FREE of charge.

Green Valley High School
460 Arroyo Grande Boulevard

You can call Matt 702. 466.7988

to make arrangements to come by the office for tickets.

Or if you simply wish to learn more about
Senator Barack Obama's Campaign for Change

The office is located

@ 3376 S. Eastern Las Vegas NV 89121

suite 115 for the "southern branch/ district 15"
the headquarters is in the suite next door

The southeast corner of Eastern and Desert Inn
just south of the CVS pharmacy.

*Items can be dropped off with Matt as requested above in this post.

Anyone interested in more information or to get involved in volunteering is invited and encouraged.

Respect, Peace and Light
Xtine on the Las Vegas political scene

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