Friday, May 23, 2008

On July Fourth 2008, Will Vegas Be Hot?

Judging by the Google queries that have hit this site lately, lots of people are wanting to know about "Vegas July 4h". I will be providing a list ( as soon as available ) of special events and things to do in Vegas to celebrate our country's birthday.

The Newsweek article about Vegas being a bellwether of the USA economy is sure to raise some controversy. I think that the long weekend ( July 4th falls on a Friday this year ) will be a test of this theory. Southern California visitors might hesitate before driving here with the projected $4 or more price of gas. On the other hand, foreign travelers may be encouraged to come here as their currency rises in relation to the dollar. It remains to be seen if Vegas loses its golden moniker of being recession proof.

On the other hand (In Vegas there is always another hand to be dealt !) there may be a hot time in the old town this July forth! Just remember to bring your suntan lotion and your tax rebate check!

Economic Troubles Affect the Vegas Strip

May 6, 2008


LAS VEGAS — For decades, this gambling center seemed nearly immune to the economic swings of the rest of the country. But these days, the city built on excess is seeing a troubling sign: moderation.

Gambling revenue and hotel occupancy are down. Resorts are slashing room rates and offering coupons or free nights. Casino operators are firing hundreds of workers, and their stock prices have plummeted since October. Credit is drying up for hotel and condominium projects planned before the slowdown arrived.

Even the people still coming to Las Vegas are spending less. Julia Lee, 27, of Los Angeles said she normally brings $10,000 on her trips here to play blackjack. As Ms. Lee picked up show tickets the other night, she said she had brought less than half that on this trip. “My parents are in real estate, and we’re worried,” she said.

So are this city’s hoteliers, retailers, wedding chapel operators and anyone else who depends on the extravagance of gamblers and tourists. The spending declines are relatively modest, a few percentage points here and there. But Las Vegas has a huge inventory of new casinos and hotels due for completion in the next few years, and a long national recession could send the city reeling.

The Las Vegas outlook would be far worse if not for foreign visitors. They are taking advantage of the low dollar to savor the fare of celebrity chefs like Alex Stratta and to snap up goods that might cost twice as much in Europe...

Click here for entire New York Times article.

LAS VEGAS TOURISM: Holiday Blues Forseen - Is Memorial Day Weekend setting the stage? - LVRJ article by Benjamin Spillman.

From the article:

"Forgive the grand pooh-bahs of America's foremost party town if they don't seem too festive this holiday weekend.

Las Vegas, a remote desert town built to indulge Americans' fantasies, is feeling fiscal pain from the rising cost of mundane commodities such as gasoline and food.

Simply put: Every extra dollar would-be tourists cough up at their hometown gas stations and grocery stores is a buck that won't be shoved into a slot machine, slipped to a hotel desk clerk in hopes of a room upgrade or tucked into a dancer's G-string this weekend. (more...)


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