Friday, May 23, 2008

Art Bell Returns To Coast To Coast AM ( again)

I tuned in late ( around 30 minutes into the broadcast ) thinking it would be either Ian or George hosting the show. When I heard Abba's "Dancing Queen" bumper music I immediately knew that the next voice I would hear would be Art's.

And then Art Called Ian Punnett for a preview of tomorrow's show, and Ian repeated the same thought I had about hearing Abba. Ian then made a comment that many of the themes in the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie are topics covered by previous shows that Art hosted. Quite a compliment, that Art in his typical humble way discounted.

Art opened the phone lines for callers and many people are calling in about their experiencing financial problems and economic hardships, and that the bad times make us stronger, and make us look to each other and God for help, and bring us together à la 1939 and the Great Depression. Art is somewhat less optimistic --- the open lines call in discussions are always fascinating.

Tonight's guest is Maj. Ed Dames - the topic is ( of course ) Remote Viewing.

Art Bell welcomes foremost remote viewing teacher Maj. Ed Dames for a discussion on current cases of the Matrix Intelligence Agency and the world food situation.

And so it is now 11:06 PM Pacific Time and I will let Art & Major Dames lull me to sleep ( or more likely just the opposite, keep me awake ! ) with another fascinating discussion. I'm hearing Art's bumper music: "Isn't It Time" by the Babys. It's just like old times. Art is speaking of reactivating Could he be coming out of retirement, again??

PS - I have been a fan of Art Bell's since the late 1980's, so you might try to understand my unbridled enthusiasm. Please vote for Art in the National Radio Hall Of Fame:

Hall of Fame Voting

You can now cast a vote for Art Bell, who's been nominated to the National Radio Hall of Fame in the category of 'National Pioneer.' Click here to register for your online ballot.


Anonymous said...

i think if you listen carefully you will find art is for filling a contract before he will fully activate his website something like 6 or so more shows

weather c2c is milking him or he is timing them out i think few know

also you notice at his sign off at the end of the show he sighs as he says host g. norie's name

i think art bell maybe c2c by art bell or a sep art bell only effort

Anonymous said...

I have spent Many...Many sleepless nights glued to the radio listening to outrageous, mesmerizing, laughable, irritating topics, guests, callers, etc....
I miss him dearly!!!!!
The replacement hosts frankly SUCK!!!!
I rarely listen anymore, and wish with passion he would return to the air in some format, revising his "i'm open to Damn Near Anything approach to life!!!!
Please come back Art-----
Cary in Houston,TX.

MercurialMike said...

I can enjoy Ian Punnett and George Knapp -- they each have their strengths and appeal. But neither at his best comes close to Art. George Noorey drives me up the wall sometimes for not being engaged. He says "that's true" too much, whereas Art always spoke his mind and was not afraid to express his point of view, which made for a much more interesting conversation. But alas, Art does not seem to be coming back soon, he is very much into retirement but I really don't blame him :-)

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