Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vegas Memorial Daze Oddz N Endz

One Year Ago At The Rehab

Fire On The Mountain, Fire On The Lake

This morning I awoke to the local news on KDWN ( Heidi Harris show). Before I could shake the sleep from my groggy head, I heard the radio announcer say in two consecutive sentences that there was a fire at Lake Mead Marina and another fire that was being fought all night long on the mountain ( named Potosi Mountain )south of the road ( Hwy 160 ) between Las Vegas and Pahrump.

The local Vegas forecast calls for isolated thunder storms in the area in the next few days. Followed by record heat with temps over the century mark. Can this be a portent of things to come?

Best Mexican restaurants are where the Mexican-Americans live (duh!)

This is not news, but it is oh so "verdad". I avoid the overpriced, commercialized, Casino Cantinas and opt for where the Mom & Pop ( or La Familia ) restaurants are. That is, if you are willing to go into a neighborhood that looks like Guadalajara ( and I am not being prejudiced when I speak this truth. ), the trip will be well worth while. I love the people and the food. Some of my favorites are a restaurant on Eastern & Bonanza ( can't remember it's name, begins with "T" ) in the shopping center on the NE corner ), Mamacita's on East Fremont, and El Ausente on East Freemont. All have excellent food for a reasonable price.

My annual travel warnings for Memorial Day weekend

The following reads like a downer, but believe me, from personal experience (?), it is very good advice. This weekend the local Vegas police and State Troopers are out on the highways & byways because traditionally ( more like statistically ) a lot of people die in vehicle accidents this weekend. So remember when you are out on Lake Mead, don't drive a car or operate a boat under the influence. The Park Police are eager to save your butt by hauling you in. Now, the Clark County Detention Center is not a place where you would like to spend your holiday weekend, just ask OJ. What you leave in Vegas may be yourself.

There will be ( announced or not announced ) a variety of vehicle stops -- sobriety checkpoints throughout the Valley. Remember that the open container law now says "no open containers" and that the police can now stop you for just a seat belt violation.

But have fun, anyway! One good idea is to stay in the casinos and do all your drinking there. Traveling by cab & walking ( or staggering ;-) from bar to bar should avoid the problem completely, unless you are a public nuisance. And I know you are not :-) Have fun & be safe, even though the Vegas ads say anything goes -- it really doesn't.


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