Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is Vegas The Root Of All Evil ?

Root of All Evil: The Human Body vs Las Vegas, Hosted By Lewis Black

I am not a fan of this show and I don't think it will last past season one. But, I do like Lewis Black's satirical humor, and would like to see his show in Vegas. He is severely hampered in "The Root Of All Evil" by scripting and his role as "Judge".

Since tonight's show on the Comedy Central cable channel features a faux courtroom debate on which is more evil, Vegas or the human body, I had to include the above clip, if only for historical reference.

I vote for Vegas. I always vote for Vegas. But if the human body didn't have certain needs and drives, there would be no Vegas. So I guess I'll have to tune in tonight.


Joe Brown said...

hey mercurialmike: cool blog! here's a thing i did earlier this month when lewis black was in vegas (don't click on the audio clips if you don't want a spoiler!). joe

MercurialMike said...

Thank you, Joe, for the great article! And thanks for commenting on my humble blog ;-o

IludiumPhosdex said...

Certain specimens of cultural conservatism would have to answer the question in the affirmative.

The same kind who would see their "perfection" of Amerikanischer Realkultur being down Branson, Missouri way.

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