Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Latest Snippetes From The Vegas Message Boards

One way to answer the question "What's Happening, Vegas?" is to read the Vegas Message Board Forum. Besides great trip reports, some interesting information and opinion can be gleened from the many posts. Vegas Message Board currently boasts 261,648 posts from 8,924 members. Below are some timely samples of board postings that made Mercurial Mike wish he were a tourist!

Google Maps Streetview

OK, here's a fun time-waster. (Maybe this has been covered before, but is really useful also) Maybe you're aware that Google also does maps, sometimes with varying degrees of accuracy. But there's also a "street view" tool that lets you get a 360 degree picture at street level (actually from the top of a special car they drive around). Not only does it have the picture, but there's arrows you can click on for a virtual drive down the street. For instance, corner of LV Blvd and Flamingo Road: If you click on any blue-outlined street, you get the 360 degree view, and then you can click the arrows to drive around. Make sure the "street view" button at the top of the map is clicked.

No Vegoose Festival in 2008

Good news or bad, you decide!

Fess up! ( I had to include this one! )

Do any buffet items end up in your better half's purse/baggies for snacks later in the evening? I am a cheese guy so my wife's purse usually smells like Rockford.

Kentucky Derby ( ... and this one! )

Derby is this Sat. Anyone have a list of the horses and PP ? Thanks.

Review: Mamacita's

Friday night we tried Mamacita's Mexican and Cuban Restaurant. The restaurant is on Fremont Street across from El Cortez. With the addition of Fremont East the walk over is well lit and non-threatening. There were a few diners around 8 o'clock and several people came by for take out. The menu was diverse. The selections and the overall atmosphere reminded us a lot of restaurants we've frequented in Mexico. So much so, that when the waitress greeted us, I nearly responded with my gringo version of Spanish. Despite the wide variety of dishes we opted to keep it simple. Frank had a chicken burrito served enchilada style (ranchero sauce and monterrey jack cheese) and I had corn carne asada tacos. Both were very good. Their beans were especially tasty. We also had salsa and chips before our meal arrived, both salsas were mild (would prefer hotter), but fresh and delicious. Service was good throughout the meal and the bill was $25. Mamacita's is a keeper, we'll happily dine there again.

Another great board, Las Valley 702 + Free XS, that I used to post to is more oriented towards local Vegas contributors but anyone may join and contribute.

Also popular ( and active ) with many insights from local residents is the Las Vegas City Forum.


John said...

The Stardust Lives!!!

It's pretty comforting actually to see the Stardust still standing.

MercurialMike said...

Hi John from Cool Vegas Map! I never thought of Google Maps as a time machine, but there you are!!

John said...

Hi Mike,

I'm sure Google will update eventually but it's fun to pretend the Stardust ( at least the exterior ) is still there.

I tried to get to Las Vegas in March but it has been a busy year in Berkeley - they are replacing all the computers in my department with new ones, while there is still money for that kind of thing.

My coolvegasmap looks good on the new sharp Imacs displays.

I was going to meet up with my brother in March for a construction convention in Las Vegas . His boss's company build commercial construction in Phila ( they built the parking garage for the Phila airport ). I wanted to be with them taking a tour of what you can see going up at Project City Center, Encore, Echolon etc.

It will have to be next year.

My website got discussed on a forum where the upscale hookers who work in Bellagio and Wynn post their web sites etc. They were asking if anyone had any maps of the new areas at Palazzo and Venetian. It seems these ladies who charge $1500 were getting lost finding their clients over at Palazzo.

File that story under "only in Vegas." I don't have the property maps on my site yet - it's going to be phase 2, hopefully happening this summer. ( Happy to oblige the working ladies ).



MercurialMike said...

Hey John,

There is a forum for high - priced Vegas hookers?

You are right, only in Vegas. Will you get anything for helping the hookers find their way? :-)

John said...

It's a forum for working ladies from around the world with different sections for various cities like Las Vegas.


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