Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pepsi to start new plant in Las Vegas

I Hope They Save Some Water For The Tourists!

Food and beverage giant PepsiCo has reportedly invested $101 million to build a new production and bottling plant in Las Vegas, according to local reports.

The Las Vegas Business Press has reported that the two-building complex will feature three production lines, warehouse and distribution space. Construction is scheduled for completion by November 2007 and operations are expected to start by summer 2008.

Will Pepsi Help Give Vegas A New Slogan?


1903: VEGAS: Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion
1907: VEGAS: Original Pure Food Drink
1908: VEGAS: Delicious and Healthful
1915: For All Thirsts - VEGAS
1919: VEGAS - It Makes You Scintillate
1920: VEGAS - It Will Satisfy You
1928: VEGAS Peps You Up!
1929: VEGAS - Here's Health!
1932: VEGAS - Sparkling, Delicious
1933: VEGAS: It's the Best Cola Drink
1934: VEGAS: Double Size
1934: VEGAS - Refreshing and Healthful
1938: Join the Swing to VEGAS
1939: VEGAS: Twice as Much for a Nickel
1943: VEGAS: Bigger Drink, Better Taste
1947: VEGAS: It's a Great American Custom
1949: Why Take Less When VEGAS's Best
1950: VEGAS: More Bounce to the Ounce
1954: VEGAS: The Light Refreshment
1958: Be Sociable, Have a VEGAS
1961: Now It's VEGAS for Those Who Think Young
1963: Come Alive! You're in the VEGAS Generation
1967: Taste that Beats the Others Cold. VEGAS Pours It On.
1969: You've Got a Lot to Live. VEGAS's Got a Lot to Give
1973: Join the VEGAS People Feelin' Free
1976: Have a VEGAS Day
1979: Catch that VEGAS Spirit
1981: VEGAS's Got Your Taste for Life
1983: VEGAS Now!
1984: VEGAS: The Choice of a New Generation
1992: VEGAS: Gotta Have It
1993: Be Young, Have Fun, Drink VEGAS
1995: Nothing Else is a VEGAS
1997: VEGAS: Generation Next
1999: The Joy of VEGAS
2001: The Joy of VEGAS
2002: VEGAS: Think Young Drink Young
2003: It's the VEGAS


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