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Clubbing In Las Vegas

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The very latest post from the talented local personality Xtine from Global Peace GrooVes Christine - she is a very knowledgeable insider on the local Vegas club scene, and nightlife.





Dress Code, Cover Charge, Bottle Service, Pool Parties, info. Clubbing In Vegas

A friend of mine asked if I could help illustrate what the cover charge, dress code, bottle service, and pool parties information is in Las Vegas.

  • Dress Code

    • No athletic gear

    • Men, please wear shirts with a collar and/ or buttons.

    • Most clubs won't allow hats to be worn in the club.

    • Women should be dressed up, but are usually allowed to wear jeans if they have a dressy top on.

    • Shoes should be worn at all times.

    • Men usually are not permitted to wear "Trainers" or "Tennis Shoes".

    • Women can get away with wearing flats or a wedge style of flip flop so long as
      they are dressy and not for the beach.

  • Cover Charge

    • Local ladies often enjoy waived entrance fees to most clubs unless there is a very high profile artist/ dj performing.

    • Ladies who do not live in Las Vegas usually pay $10 to $20 for cover charge. Many times a club will have a 'ladies night' where all ladies are free. Sometimes clubs will give free entrance and free drinks to women who dress in theme for the night.

    • Men pay cover charge of $10 to $30. If people want to 'cut in line' they usually charge $150 and the men still must pay up to $30 cover charge after doing so.

  • Bottle Service

    Bottle service in Las Vegas clubs starts at $150 and can go to $1000 per three or four people, men or women. Bottle service includes cover charge, a table, a bottle of alcohol and mixer ingredients, and seating for three to four people. This does not include the tip for the server. The bottle service is usually considered to last for one and a half hours.

    Making connections with a vip host in advance, calling the club of choice directly to make reservations, or emailing or texting club personnel is helpful in arranging a table or bottle service.

  • Las Vegas Pool Parties

    Editor's note: The latest poolside trend for Las Vegas is 'European Style Sunbathing' which is a euphemism for 'topless' sunbathing. Don't know if it will catch on, but might be worth "watching" this trend.(Haha!) Also see the excellant 2007 Vegas Pool Guide article from Vegas Pop.

    • The pools are opening soon or have already opened in Las Vegas.

    • Tao poolside is a new venture for Tao and The Venetian Hotel. Food is catered from Wolfgang Puck, massage therapy is available, and bottle service is encouraged. Open daily.

    • Rehab in the Hard Rock Hotel is a day long party on Sunday. This party is usually packed with patrons partying hard. There is a cover charge for everyone, local, ladies and gents. The dress code for many of the pool parties is swimwear attire, no shorts.

    • Bare in the Mirage has been open unofficially for approximately one month. The official grand opening party was held last weekend. The cocktail servers are topless.

    • "Ditch Friday's" at the Palms is run by the n9ne management.

    • The pool party at the Red Rock Hotel and Resort in Summerlin has the benefit of being adjacent to the club Cherry. DJ's perform and can be heard poolside. There is a bar and cocktail waitresses.

For more clubbing information, please visit:

or pick up a copy of Las Vegas City Life, Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas Magazine, Club Planet magazine, or 944 magazine.

*Hotel guests can gain free entrance to many clubs with their room key for proof of patronage of the hotel. There is usually a time limit, such as "before midnight."

*High gaming, or "High Rollers" are often given free entrance and possibly other perks such as bottle service, but not guaranteed, in the nightclub of the hotel they are gaming in.

--- Xtine on the sin city scene

For other info. about clubbing in Las Vegas visit the free local weekly newspapers web sites: Las Vegas City Life & Las Vegas Weekly, or you can pick up a hard copy of them once you arrive.

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