Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fashion Show Mall Alien Escape Vehicle?

If you are a sci-fi movie fan, then you might remember how in the MIB (Men In Black ) movie the giant cockroach villain alien attempted to escape earth. In the MIB movie I think the escape craft was in Flushing Meadows, New York at the 1964 World's Fair pavilion:

Looking around Vegas, the structure most likely to be an alien escape vehicle is in the front of the Fashion Show mall. Best to spend all those leftover space credits at the mall before returning to one's home planet. Genuine homo sapiens clothing and baubles and artifacts make great gifts for the kids back on Alpha Centaurus.

Honorable mention is the top of the Stratosphere tower:

If the Landmark Hotel & Casino were still around ( and I have a theory that the top of the tower took off during the implosion), it would definitely have been a close third. I invite others to add their favorite alien spacecraft thinly disguised as an earth-bound edifice. Especially the great bloggers and friends at Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog

Some thumbnails of The Fashion Show Mall:


SQT said...

That front of the Fashion Show Mall is wild looking, I wonder what inspired the architecture. I can certainly see how they could inspire sci-fi themed movies.

I hope you're feeling better Mike. Be sure to take it easy.

And thanks for the post!

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

Thanks for your kind wishes. Some of the "people" I bump into in the casinos look like thinly disguised aliens. :)

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