Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Mysterious Mr. Robert Lazar

I've been associated with the Aerospace and Defense field for most of my thirty year career (1970 to 2000), and I must admit that the most enigmatic person I have ever heard about was Bob Lazar. He claimed to have had a job in the Nevada desert (the notorious Area 51) working on re-verse engineering of alien space craft (captured UFOs). He became a specialist in the physics and back engineering of alien propulsion systems. A lot of his story is somewhat credible and some is very hard to swallow. George Knapp, the local Las Vegas investigative reporter, started his career as a investigator of the extra-ordinary and paranormal, interviewing people like Bob Lazar. Art Bell, who currently broadcasts weekend nights on the "Coast To Coast AM" syndicated radio show from his home in Pahrump, has had several most memorable interviews with Bob over the years.

I have yet to make up my mind about Bob.

In a way, I would like to believe that everything Bob has told us is true. If the government military scientists know so much about anti-gravity engines, then why aren't they sharing this information with some military or even commercial ventures, which would most likely solve the energy crises and our dependence on Mideast oil for all time?

Did Bob make any money with his story? I really think he suffered in his career more than he ever benefited; which makes me think that he might really have been telling the truth all along. He is a shy and retiring nerdy guy (like me), and I don't even think he wanted or welcomed the media exposure he got, with his 15 minutes of fame. He quietly runs a company in Albuquerque, and is rarely heard from now.

I don't think the real truth will be revealed for a long time. If anybody knows the real truth about Bob, please let me know.

Bob Lazar, according to Wikipedia.


SQT said...

Oh, this is so interesting. I've never really followed the story about Area 51, though I have been a bit curious about it. You always have to wonder what if? though, don't you?

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

If I told you I would have to shoot you (but your gun is alrady drawn, durn it!)

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