Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spamalot - Latest Vegas Broadway Style Musical- Wynn Debut Announced

I remember watching Monty Python's Flying Circus on a black and white TV set back in the 70's - actually adjusting a set of rabbit ears, waiting for the weekly broadcast, since no recording media was available ( there was no podcast for Monty back then!) I guess that makes me an original fan. But I have never actually eaten spam. In my old National Guard unit we had one individual who had memorized about 10 Monty Python skits, and he got us through many nights of guard duty entertaining us. You just know I'll be attending a preview performance. And now for something completely different ...

"It's today been announced that the much anticipated Monty Python stage extravaganza Spamalot is scheduled to open in The Grail Theatre at Wynn on March 31. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, January 16, priced at $49, $69, $89, and $99. All preview performances (March 8-30) will be discounted 25%. Tickets are available By phone on 888/320-7110 or 702/770-WYNN, online at or, or in person from the Wynn box office."

Above from Las Vegas Advisor - Features And News - January 12th

The amazing expanding universe.

This flash animation from an Eric Idle song is definitely worth seeing, I remember it from one of Monty Python's movies, "The Meaning Of Life" - but it has been vastly improved in this animation.

Watch for the punch line at the end!

Click Here To View And Enjoy!!

And now for something completely different ...

George Harrison Introduced By Monty Python (Eric Idle)? (Actually, Rutland Weekend Television, circa 1976!)

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Dave Lifton said...

Spamalot is awesome. I hope it does well in Vegas.

Michael Leonard Fisher said...

Me, too! Neep! Neep!

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