Friday, January 12, 2007

Search For The Great "What's Happening, Vegas?" Banner Donor

I am in the process of upgrading my blog header banner ( or masthead ) to make it more visually appealing. My friend John from Cute Vegas Map has offerred his advanced flash animation skills, but what we are missing is a high quality night skyline picture of Las Vegas for the backdrop.

Maybe you can help!

John has posted a request for pictures in several Las Vegas forums, including:

We have received some really nice photos in a short time, but we need more choices for the final pick. You may mail me at (mike_l_fisher) or John at with your photos.

This is not a contest, but we are accepting photos for the next few weeks. I know that there are lots of readers who come to Vegas with their digital cameras! Whomever is chosen will definitely be praised; and given credit; and linked to; and adopted (?)and perhaps taken to dinner on their next trip to Vegas!


Anonymous said...

I have a few more night shots coming down the pike but the one of Excalibur is pretty neat. If you wanted to consider it. :)

I'm only wishing I had a better camera when I was at Rio a few years ago, at the club outside on the roof of the 50th floor....

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