Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Nevada Palace - Old Las Vegas, A Dying Breed

Artist's rendering of the Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel

Nevada Palace Today

My wife and I have a favorite place to dine and listen to great musical entertainment. To me The Nevada Palace on Boulder Highway represents Vegas as it used to be, before the large corporations took over and homogenized every casino. They all (at least on the "strip") look the same inside now. When we walk into the Nevada Palace, it literally feels like the old sitcom "Cheers" in that you are only a stranger once. Many of the waitresses and casino employees do know my wife and me by name, come to think of it.

But, sadly, for my love for Vegas as it once was, even good old Nevada Palace will be a thing of the past in the near future. Plans are being made for breaking ground for a new casino within the next few months. It will take two years to build and will occupy the land where the RV park now stands. The land which the Nevada Palace casino currently occupies will eventually be a parking garage. I hope that when the new "Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel" is built, it will keep some of the local charm that my wife and I have enjoyed; or we may wind up searching for the last remnants of "Old Las Vegas" somewhere up on Fremont Street!

I remember the Bingo Palace where the current Palace Station now stands ( on East Sahara ) and also the Santa Fe Casino where the Santa Fe Station now exists. These were the last local hangouts where I truly felt "at home". Also the older Plaza hotel downtown had that feeling once. I'm afraid those days are gone forever. The beginning of the end was when they stated handing out those darn players cards so we could all be tracked like mice in some grand maze marketing experiment. It's bad enough that the supermarkets have a record of everything I've ever bought there!

The Nevada Palace - 5255 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas

Article From Judy Thornburn's "Vegas Round The Clock" site

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