Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Realignment of America - Las Vegas Tops Cities Migrated To

From today's Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled "The Realignment of America". An interesting article, well worth reading in its entirety.

The author says that migration of population in the USA follows a fairly predictable pattern, with Las Vegas leading on "inflow" or net migration into the area. I guess I already knew this, it sure takes a lot longer to drive across town and the "rush hour" is starting earlier and earlier!

From the article:

"Domestic inflow has been a whopping 19% in Las Vegas, 15% in the Inland Empire (California's Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, where much of the outflow from Los Angeles has gone), 13% in Orlando and Charlotte, 12% in Phoenix, 10% in Tampa, 9% in Jacksonville. Domestic inflow was over 200,000 in the Inland Empire, Phoenix, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Orlando. These are economic dynamos that are driving much of America's growth. There's much less economic polarization here than in the Coastal Megalopolises, and a higher percentage of traditional families: Natural increase (the excess of births over deaths) in the Interior Boomtowns is 6%, well above the 4% in the Coastal Megalopolises."


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