Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pardon Me Miss, Your Vegas Is Showing - WTF?

The following is from KOLO TV in Reno:

'Las Vegas tourism boosters plan to test a new slogan to compliment the wildly successful "What happens here, stays here" campaign.

Tourism officials have applied for a trademark on the phrase "Your Vegas is showing," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Friday.

The phrase has yet to be tested by focus groups and survey respondents, but if it fares well it could appear in print ads and on television as early as this fall, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said.

It might also end up on the cutting room floor...'

One would only hope so! What a lousy slogan!

The question is, doesn't Vegas pretty much speak for itself? Why does Vegas need yet another slogan? Wasn't "Vegas, baby!" bad enough? We all know why people come to Vegas (gambling, partying, sex, sex, gambling...) Why not let Vegas speak for itself?

What the frick does the new slogan mean anyway? Comes from the phrase "your slip is showing" I presume. Subliminal advertising? I see Freud in a slip. Superficially how would you show your Vegas? Under hypnosis, how would you display your Vegas, if that were suggested to you? Ladies and Gentlemen, please show us your Vegas. Might be an interesting experiment for a stage hypnotist. Where is your Vegas, anyway? Part of your wardrobe, anatomy, or psyche? I really don't get it!

Who came up with this slogan? Fifth graders could have done better. For example, "Vegas is a state of mind" -- now that has more of an intellectual ring to it - but New York City already took it with the "New York state of mind" catchphrase. Anyway, Vegas is more of a "turn off your mind" kind of place. How about "I left my money in Vegas"? Now I can identify with that!

Vegas Is Next To Google In Brand Name Rankings. And like Google, the name speaks for itself --- a slogan is redundant and unnecessary.

Why Does This Slogan Just Sound Nasty? :)

The slogan sounds too much like:

"Your vagueness is showing" - after too much to drink?

"You vegus (nerve) is showing" - after too much to eat (you get gerd?)

"Your vague gas is showing" - well, excuse me!


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