Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vegas Is Next To Google In Brand Name Recognition

"Welcome to Googas" or "Welcome to Veggle" would not mean nearly as much, if anything. "What happens in Googas stays in Googas?" Well, you get the idea. Name recognition is what every marketeer relishes.

The following is from the latest "Eye On Vegas":

"According to at least one survey, Las Vegas should continue its sizzling popularity in 2007! An annual “Brand Ranking” survey was released earlier today, tagging the City of Las Vegas as the No. 2 brand – behind only Web Goliath Google –in a survey of thousands of consumers. The fourth annual survey rounded out the top 10 in the following order: the National Football League (No. 3), Sony (No. 4), (No. 5), eBay (No. 6), iPod (No. 7), DVR (No. 8), Yahoo (No. 9) and Target (No. 10)."

Addendum: Thanks to Jon at Strategic Name Development Blog for referencing my blog and providing through his blog more interesting and in-depth discussions on marketing, naming, and branding from a linguistic and strategic perspective. Check out his web site and blog. Maybe next time I check,"Las Vegas" will surpass "Google", who knows?


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