Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jimmy Limo Is On ReverbNation --- Become A Fan Today !

Jimmy's Newest Gig --- Skyline Casino, Henderson NV

( Boulder HWY & Sunset)T-W 6-10PM

Become a fan of Jimmy Limo today !

Become a fan of Jimmy Limo today !

Jimmy Limo's Latest Digitech Vocalist Demo !

"I've had this harmonizer now for 2 years... can't imagine playing without it. I play in Las Vegas as a 1-man-band. I've been playing here since 1999, and have played over 3,000 gigs (no sh-t, three THOUSAND !). Although it's designed to plug your guitar into, so it can "read" the chords to harmonize your vocals, I plug my laptop into it, which is playing my backup tracks. Amazingly, it's able to "read" the chord changes, even though there's bass, drums and 2 keyboard tracks playing. While the 3 part harmonies are very nice, the 2 part harmonies are extremely life-like... It's sooooo cool. The Vocalist 4 is a couple hundred $$$ more, you can pick up the "2" for $199 now.... HIGHLY recommended !!! Check out my other videos at , or my regular site, .... ROCK ON YOU GUYS !!!!" --- Jimmy Limo, August 1, 2010

Jimmy Limo's August Gig Schedule (so far!)

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MercurialMike said...

Great news on your latest gig, Jimmy. Are you invading Henderson now? Will definitely visit soon !!

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