Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Colorful PRIDE Celebration In Las Vegas

Attendees At The Festival

For the past 27 years, Las Vegas has had an annual week-long PRIDE Celebration, which promotes the accomplishments of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. The Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc. (SNAPI) is the guiding force behind the PRIDE Celebration, and strives to promote understanding in the community of the contributions of LGBT people.

There are so many events to attend, promote, and support. There are special nights promoted at various local gay and straight nightclubs in town, art openings, panel discussions, culminating in several large events: the PRIDE parade which is held in the Downtown area, and the PRIDE Festival, which this year was held at the Clark County Amphitheater.

When I worked at Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino downtown, I was able to attend the parade a few years ago, which was a very colorful event. For the past few years Cox Communications, one of the PRIDE event sponsors, has telecast the parade on one of its cable channels and re-broadcasts the parade during PRIDE week and beyond.

I attended the PRIDE Festival this year, in support of my friends in the gay & lesbian community. I have been a “fruit fly” or “queer dear” for many years, starting way back when with my friends in L.A., and now that I’m in Vegas, with my friends and co-workers here.

The weather was very cooperative for the Festival. Not too hot, with a little breeze blowing, just comfortable enough to lure hundreds of attendees to the Amphitheater to celebrate this year’s theme of “Proud to be...”

There were many vendor booths to choose from, with some gay-owned and operated businesses promoting their goods and services, lots of good food, and plenty of drink to keep everyone in a festive mood. Lots of giveaways and free prizes awaited. Major Strip hotels, supermarkets, lawyers and banks were all represented. Chris Saldana, a news anchor from Channel 8, was one of the event hosts, and there was ongoing entertainment on two stages. There was also a children’s indoor arts & crafts area, for those that brought their kids to the event.

Photos By Julie Kasperson

Female Impersonator At Pride Festival

Security Promoters At Festival

All photo credits: Julie Kasperson

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