Sunday, April 19, 2009

Local Las Vegas Host George Knapp Is Back Tonight On C2C

Local Las Vegas investigative reporter and journalist George Knapp is hosting Coast To Coast AM tonight. As usual, he is talking about Area 51, the famous or infamous base 90 miles north of Vegas that did not exist officially until recently. He also talked about other diverse topics like UFO conspiracy theories, reincarnation, and the legalization of marijuana. The first person to call in to the program expressed his opinion that George should be hosting C2C more often, and George always says his "plate is full with his day job" as a reporter for KLAS Channel 8 TV in Las Vegas. Or maybe he is speaking contractually only, because I could really see George grabbing a weekend spot and doing more hosting during the week, and I sense that he always seems to really enjoy his part time gig, which I think now is only the occasional Saturday or Sunday night, normally once or twice a month.

George made a reference to a recent LA Times article about Area 51 which has some old time prior test site workers ( some of which have been previously interviewed by George ) who came forth to speak about de-classified activities and projects at Area 51. All the participants talked about their projects and did not mention captured flying saucers or aliens. George mentioned that just because they did not mention UFOs does not mean they did or do not exist at Area 51. Good point. For a good introduction to the UFO conspiracy and some details about the players see the Wikipedia article.

Geoge's Intro

George must have the longest show introduction when he is host, longer than any other radio talk show host I know. Here it is from memory ( just kidding, I had to transcribe it! ):

Good evening, everyone. You're in the right place at the right time. This is Coast To Coast AM and like the old ad slogan says "there is no substitute". Tonight we are coming at you blasting out of the Mojave desert like a Sirocco, blazing across the land into your town, into your home, slamming into your radio like a super charged nano particle of dark energy ... "

And then I heard what sounded like a static electrical discharge and my radio went completely dead silent at that exact point !!! So I am listening to George on the Internet now... :-)

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