Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheap Auto Insurance Las Vegas

As Vegas grows and vehicular traffic on our freeways and surface streets increases, it is more important than ever to insure yourself against auto accidents and even the possible loss of your vehicle due to theft. The police have recently stepped up enforcement of mandatory seat belt laws and "driving while distracted" laws -- like driving while cell phone texting! However, did you know that Nevada has always strictly enforced the laws requiring drivers to have minimum motor vehicle insurance? You can be heavily fined for not having car insurance and may even lose your license; and you really will have problems if you cause an accident while not carrying proper car insurance!

According to Nevada Auto Insurance Law, if you are a car owner at fault in an accident, you are personally responsible for any damage or personal injury you may cause to a third party. Nevada Auto Insurance Law requires that every car owner in Nevada should buy an auto insurance policy which provides bodily injury liability coverage of at least $15000 for one person, of at least $30000 for two or more persons and property damage liability coverage of at least $10000. This is the minimum liability coverage that every car user in Nevada should have. ( But, you are free to choose higher liability coverage for extra protection. )

So, where do you go to get the mandatory and optional Nevada insurance for your vehicle? Why not take advantage of comparing the costs online to get the best deal? By looking up what the major auto insurance carriers are offering, and comparing quotes from different carriers, you have taken a really good first step towards minimizing your auto expenses by finding the cheapest Vegas car insurance. I personally have had the best luck finding cheap insurance in Las Vegas by visiting the site autoinsurance-4u.com. Even if you currently have auto insurance, visit autoinsurance-4u.com to compare rates, and possibly save a bundle of cash! The small amount of time it takes to fill out a quote form, could save you lots of money in the months to come!