Monday, March 02, 2009

Las Vegas Is Forward Thinking And Optimistic

Despite the economic downturn, Vegas retains a certain optimistic attitude for the future --- the glass is half full even though many pockets are mostly empty; whether or not the good times are coming back soon seems irrelevant.

During the Great Depression, Hollywood was able to survive and prosper because it sold a commodity that allowed people to escape from their problems for a short time at a cost that was relatively cheap -- movies were a good escape and they were reasonably priced. In the same way, Vegas has recently had to create attractive deals and adjust the prices of rooms, shows, and food to attract more visitors --- many of whom visit here to temporarily escape their troubles and possibly even solve their economic woes with a big win. Good luck on the latter prospect, but it just adds to the argument that hope springs eternal. Vegas may not be recession proof after all, but the casinos are doing everything possible to make a Vegas vacation more affordable.

The top keyword searches for this blog are forward thinking and optimistic: readers want to know when the pools are open ( answer: some heated pools are open now ! ), Vegas as a Spring Break destination, and what is going on here July 4th, the next big holiday vacation time on the calendar.

Vegas is optimistic. Steve Wynn opens the Encore and sets a trend for lowering hotel room prices to avoid layoffs. The Alliante Station opens and the locals seem to fill it like air fills a vacuum. The "M" Resort opened last night and I could not believe the crowds of people ( they can't all be NASCAR fans? ) attending the grand opening.

A recent visit to the South Point casino has demonstrated to me what the average Vegas visitor is really looking for. Their well earned catchphrase is "affordable luxury". Slot machines that are certified "looser" than most. Good food reasonably priced. Rooms that are clean, nice and also reasonably priced. Easy access to the Strip and Downtown attractions. Popular shows at a middle class price, if you'll excuse me a moment of class distinction :-) And even a movie theater ( that's why I go there in addition to the excellent Chinese food ) and even bowling! A little bit of "downtown" on the south end of the strip.

There are always going to be places where people can go if money is no object. But if Vegas is going to survive this current downturn, it will have to cater to all types of visitors: locals and visitors; working class and the well-healed.

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