Monday, March 23, 2009

Coast To Coast AM Last Night - Area 51 Revisited

Last night was a kind of reunion, recap, and a re-telling ( and filling in ) of some details of the now legendary Bob Lazar story. It was fascinating to review the details from 20 years ago. Bob Lazar and Area 51 remains a Las Vegas based story, which borders on the incredible and fantastic.

Unfortunately, I slept through the last hour of listener call ins, and am now wishing that sleep learning works :-), since the radio continued playing in my earphone as usual. But, the solution is, of course, to join Streamlink, so that I can replay and download this exceptional show hosted by local investigative reporter George Knapp.

Talk of the movement of the captured saucer reverse engineering etc. projects from near Papoose Lake to a new northern base closer to the Tonopah Test Range was news to me, along with some details of Bob Lazar's private life that lead to his loosing his security clearance. Not sure how much of this story I believe, but I think Bob Lazar's story would make a cool major motion picture, and hopefully Gene Huff's screenplay will be made into a movie someday. I had also wished that Bob Lazar, who was in the process of moving, had called in to maybe add his personal perspective.

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Discovering Area 51

Aviator John Lear and screenwriter Gene Huff joined George Knapp to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Area 51 mystery. The duo discussed their role, alongside Bob Lazar, in bringing the Area 51 story to the forefront of the paranormal world. "It sounds a lot more convenient than it was. It was a lot of synchronicities, a lot of sheer coincidences that made things turn out the way they did," Huff said about the series of events that brought them together two decades ago.

They reminisced about their initial visits to the outskirts of Area 51, sharing a number of details surrounding the events. Huff revealed that their first expedition to the area was primarily motivated by Lazar's desire to impress his wife and that "we were excess baggage. I was just happy to be in on it and I'm sure John was too." Lear recounted watching a flying disc on his telescope that night and laughed about the series of events which prevented Huff from having the same view. "As I stepped back, I hooked my foot around the tripod, and moved the telescope. And, of course, Gene's never forgiven me," Lear joked.

Having known Bob Lazar before he became infamous for his involvement in Area 51, the pair speculated on a number of theories that have surrounded his story over the last twenty years. Regarding skeptics' claims that Lazar was unqualified for the job at Area 51, Lear theorized that perhaps stellar credentials weren't necessarily the primary factor behind his employment, rather "it was who they could probably discredit the easiest, if he said anything about it." Huff was skeptical of the idea that Lazar was a disinformation agent working for the government, saying "he would be the worst guy in the world to make up a lie and try and perpetuate a lie. He's too busy being productive doing other things."

Quote of the Night

"There's nobody on this planet that's made less money from Ufology than me and John Lear. Everyone in the world has sold videos and books and we haven't made a cent." --Gene Huff, on the explosion of interest and commercialization of Area 51 after their discovery of the installation.


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