Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oddz "n" Endz And Random Thoughts By A Vegas Local

Postcard From "The Edge"

This will be a short post about a few random observations: some thankful, some not, on this day before Thanksgiving --- proving once again that advice, ( both good & bad) is cheap...

  • If you wake up early in the morning either out of necessity or because you have insomnia like me, none of the local Vegas morning talk radio shows are as entertaining ( or "stimulating" ) as KFI Los Angeles' Bill Handel In The Morning ( live Monday-Friday from 5-9AM on KFI AM 570 ). So get yourself a good car antenna, get satellite radio, or listen on the Internet!

  • In Henderson, where I live, it is OK to not have reservations ( if you intend to eat out, and G-d bless you if you are cooking your own meal -- please invite me over next year! ) for Thanksgiving tomorrow because when the economy goes bad, the rich stop eating out. There will be plenty of so-called "upscale" or "high end" restaurants that serve Thanksgiving meals that will not require reservations. And "black Friday" will have a new meaning, it will mean "bleak" as opposed to "out of the red".

  • If you are a senior citizen, or even if you can cleverly disguise yourself as one :-) South Point Casino offers $3 movie tickets with a player's card from Monday thru Thursday before 6PM. Go see "Quantum Of Solace" --- it's a really fun movie even if you aren't a James Bond fan.

  • If you are dumb enough to enjoy gambling ( like me, but I really limit myself ) and you want to join a player's club, join the one at Casino Monte Lago at the Lake Las Vegas Resort, because they have the coolest "free" gifts.

  • If you live near Henderson and are not one of those Summerlin snobs ( just kidding ! ) the best back East Jewish style deli is Weiss Restaurant Deli Bakery --- avoid it during the lunch hour if you don't want to wait to be seated.

  • Gas prices will not stay low forever, so enjoy the less than $2 gas for now. Celebrate by jumping in your car and drive aimlessly in any direction so you can enjoy filling up your tank again at these historically low prices! And call this the good old days. Live long enough to tell your grandchildren how we f--ked up their lives with all this national debt. And how we finally sold this beautiful country to the Red Chinese government. And my advice is to invest in paper and ink companies, because they will not be able to print money fast enough!

Sorry, but I had to get all that off my chest. My shrink says it is not good to hold in all those "feelings".

Now, back to your normal programming...

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff & management of "What's Happening, Vegas?" !

"Who's The Turkey, Now?"


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