Thursday, October 02, 2008

Point Break Live! in Las Vegas Planet Hollywood's V Theatre hosts successful play on-tour

"Point Break Live!" Premieres In Las Vegas

Last night we attended the premiere of Point Break Live!

Point Break on MySpace

The show is interactive, live, wet, messy, funny, updated to reflect today and highly recommended by our group of gals. Director of the film Point Break Katheryn Bigelow was the director of Point Break Live! the play last night.

The film which is a cult classic enough to be mentioned and copied in the film "Hot Fuzz" from the scene in the film where Johnny Utah fires his gun in the air despite having a clean shot at Bodhi is mentioned several times in Hot Fuzz.

Point Break Live! has been a success in Manhattan, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and is now in Las Vegas.

The V Theatre aka The Variety Theatre in The Miracle Mile shops of Planet Hollywood is the perfect location for this lively and messy interactive show.

Point Break the film was released in July of 1991. Johnny Utah is a new FBI agent who is transferred to Los Angeles to help find bank robbers. His partner is Angelo, a Vietnam veteran who's approaching retirement. Clues lead the pair to chase surfers posing as Ex Presidents who have successfully robbed 27 banks in three years. Johnny Utah finds love, Buddhist philosophy, surfing lifestyle and life altering philosophy while in pursuit of this case.

There is surfing, robberies, murder, love, humor and skydiving in Point Break Live!

Here's a slideshow of Point Break Live

The chemistry of having a new Johnny Utah character who is chosen by the audience and from the audience must help to keep the energy fresh each performance. Our Johnny Utah was chosen from a lineup of three potential actors. There is a production assistant who helps both Johnny Utah and the audience along with the storyline of the play with such enthusiasm that she wears knee pads. There is comedy laced throughout the drama that acknowledges some of the campiness of the films nature in a kindhearted way. The physical aspects of the play extend to the audience. Johnny Utah is not the only one who interacts in Point Break Live! The music and props help illustrate the films surfing lifestyle. Go and see Point Break Live. Definitely wear your raincoat, which they provide to you with your Point Break money and a towelette. Point Break Live is a lot of fun.

Point Break Live is now @ the

V Theatre in Planet Hollywood

3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Suite 360


Tickets are $39 and $59

702 260 7200

Point Break Live

Point Break Live

Respect, Peace and Light

Xtine on the surfing, skydiving, bank robbing, international chase, film/play, having fun doing the messy, exciting, wet, laughing out loud Point Break Live scene in sin city scene.

Dircect link to the "Point Break Live!" slide show.


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