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Las Vegas Update: review of Wyclef Jean/ Sarah Larson/Toby Keith/Soundbar/Julie’s Bday - Xtine Report

Photo above: Xtine & Julie At Bahama Breeze

  1. Soundbar At Tabu

    Soundbar has had its last party at Tabu on Thurs. night with headlining DJ Timmy Regisford of Club Shelter NYC with CA and NV DJ Keith Evan, Brian Minogue,Carlos Sanchez, Julius Papp (in random order).

    The new location of Soundbar parties will be announced Sept. 25th, or maybe the new party will be Sept. 25th. Stay tuned for further details with DJ Keith Evan.

  2. Sarah Larson Hosts At Tao

    Sarah Larson, former waitress @ The Palms and ex of George Clooney is hosting a dance party at Tao in The Venetian. DJ Reach will spin.

  3. Toby Keith

    Toby Keith performs Sat. night @ Mandalay Bay Events center.

  4. First Friday - The Aruba And DJ Lalka

    Aug 1st @ The Aruba DJ Lalka and more (I'll update the blog with a flyer soon).. First Friday is a free art, food and culture event including music and dancing at The Aruba downtown Las Vegas on the first Friday of each month. For five years now the art movement has been building up downtown. There is even a free tram so you can do as much as you can take in one evening. Friday August 1st at The Aruba check out DJ Lalka and his DJ partner Andy spin their music lovin' hearts out with performance artists and art on display.

  5. Other Clubland News

    Sunday daytime BT is spinning the legendary pool party at The Hard Rock Hotel called REHAB. BT's on MySpace check him out. Two of the times I've seen BT was in the HR Hotel. Once at Baby's (now Body English) the dj/ light/laptop stuff that blew my mind and once in The Joint with a full band.

    Also noteworthy, in Body English last night (Sunday is the Honor Roll party, a party of all the key players in Las Vegas Clubland. People who book the talent, hire the hotties etc and are the kings and queens of smoozing are being honored in Body.

    Also a party at The Bank in Bellagio called Top 30 under 30 the Top movers and shakers in clubland under the age of 30!

    Electroclash dj / producer Larry Tee returns to Moon tonight with Stretch Armstrong.

    Our gal DJ MISS JOY is spinning at Rumjungle for Pretty in P.I.N.K --- local ladies free, other guests are $8. In honor of 08 and the bottle service for P.I.N.K vodka is a mere $88

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My Friend Julie is a KLUC 98.5 FM Contest Winner!

Thank you Hard Rock Hotel/ KLUC/ The Joint/ Wyclef Jean! and Ago and Bahama Breeze gave my bff Julie tickets to Wyclef Jean @ The Hard Rock Hotel on Sat. for her birthday and for her answering the call for worst jury duty story on the Morning Zoo radio program.

That is worthy of a shout out to the hard working folks over at KLUC. I've had plans to give Julie a good bday but on a 2008 budget which as many folks know is nada these days.

NICE NICE NICE NICE to be able to see The Wyclef Jean!

We loved Wyclef Jean. They moved the concert from the poolside area (probably due to thunder and a bit of rain earlier in the day) to The Joint.

Wyclef Jean is an awesome performer! I loved his story about how he worked at Burger King (so did I) and they mispronounced his name and fired him and then he went back there after he made it to teach them how to pronounce his name properly.

I loved his message, his music and his spirit! Way to go!

I'm in awe of Wyclef's career and his work with a charity he started called Yele Haiti.

Wyclef's on MySpace, youtube, facebook and the www and the music from Carnival Vol. II Memoirs of an Immigrant is available at Wal-Mart, Rhapsody, Itunes, and more.

Tickets for Sat. nights show are from $27.50 to $200

The tickets Julie got from The Morning Zoo at KLUC are for a special acoustic set in Body English at 2 PM, and the 9 PM show poolside.

Wyclef Jean has worked with so many artists in the years beginning his work with The Fugees (from the word Refugees):

From Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel in The Fugees to today on The Carnival II which was recorded in Atlanta, GA with T.I with Paul Simon, Serj Tankian,Sizzla, T.I, Akon, Lil Wayne, Shakira, Mary J Blige, Norah Jones, Melissa Jimenez, Lupe Fiasco to the numerous other artists Jean's worked with on other projects: The Neville Bros, The Bee Gee's, Kenny Rogers, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Rock, and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

From reading Wyclef Jean's wikipedia's page I have learned/ been reminded that he's married to fashion designer Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean (fashion line Fusha). The couple have an adopted daughter "Angelina", NOT named after their friend Angelina Jolie but rather that she's considered an Angel to her parents.

Since its formation in late 2004 for Hurricane relief, has raised over $3 million for food, relief, education and development programs in Jean's native Haiti. The goal is to help bring Haiti from a "less-than-$1-per-day-average" status and to assist the large under 25-year-old population get hope for a brighter future.

Wyclef Jean imo is all about action and not about talk!

We had dinner/desert/ drinks at Bahama Breeze on Flamingo at Paradise.

It was wonderful! Jerk Shrimp, special frozen drinks with a side of cactus schnapps, fried plantains with gourmet sauteed veggies and a chocolate molten upside down cake with pinneapple was amazing!

Thanks to the folks over there!

And we also went to AGO in Hard Rock Hotel. The new Italian restaurant/ lounge that took over the space of Simon(Simon is in Palms Place now).

AGO is great! The electronica they were playing was sweet and the drink service in the bar/ lounge area was hitting the spot. Next time we're eating there for sure!

Respect, Peace and Light

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