Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dark Clouds On The Eastern Horizon?

The Summer Olympics in Beijing, which start on August 8, 2008, will attract many wealthy Chinese, many of whom may have otherwise visited Las Vegas to gamble, given the fortunate date of 8-8-08. The casinos have long recognized that the Chinese love to gamble and they consider losses from Chinese tourists to be a major part of their profits and bottom-line every year. The Chinese New Year typically puts more money into the casino's coffers than even our Western traditional New Year's. This reduction in foreign tourism will probably add a further burden to the Vegas casino's bottom line, which has suffered recently due to economic conditions in the USA. Times are tough all over ( except perhaps for the oil companies and producers ).

Seeing some dark clouds on the horizon, "Mercurial Mike" and "Medicine Woman" were contemplating the near term possibilities in the style of Nostradamus: juxtaposed events like the recent earthquakes in both China and the USA, a Solar ( and Lunar) full eclipse on August first ( whose shadow will track over the Chinese continent ), the Summer Olympics starting on 08-08-2008 in China, and the continuous tragedy of Tibet's uncertain future, inspired the following poem:

In the moon's shadow on August one,

China will witness a blackening sun,

In the West the Golden State quakes

The rest of the world reverberates.

Is this a Portent of Things to Come,

Is thrice eight always a fortunate sum?

Hold onto the flame and the intertwined rings

The Mother of Chaos meets the Father, I Ching

The death card is sometimes dealt inverted

The Earth's energy is now perverted

I see a sadness on the sorceress' brow

Can she prevent the inevitable now?

Little Eden beneath Magnificent Ones

Was overthrown when the 14th one comes

Restless uprising to right past wrongs

When World converges in games and songs

Robed monks defy their religious leader

Fight for independence - so much sweeter

Monks and snow leopards want intruders gone

But the world expresses a universal yawn.

See, for example, this fascinating discussion thread from the Above Top Secret Forum.


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