Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Pensive Fathers Day In Vegas

In case you think I've lost my mind today, I am going way "off topic" for this blog. I'm peeking a little over the dark precipice to see how deep it really is.

I have no recommendations for where to celebrate Father's Day --- just get the local paper and peruse all the buffet and restaurant offerings. In Vegas, everyday is like a holiday and an excuse to overindulge.

I am in a very sober and reflective mood on this particular Father's Day. So no sarcasm or usual bad jokes. I am a stepfather of two grown men who don't even call their biological mother on Mother's Day; so it is very hard to get into a festive state of mind using Father's Day as an excuse. ( allow me to vent a little ).

While enjoying a late meal at the Casino Monte Lago last night I caught myself intensely observing the young ( 20 something ) crowd enjoying their youth and vitality. I must be getting old, because it used to annoy me to watch my aging mother and her friends just sit on a bench half the day watching people and the world go by. When I "mall walk" --- this is a something that I see very often -- old people ( screw PC ! -- we all get old eventually! ) sitting there and watching younger people walk by, all day! And I say to myself I'll never be like that... And then slowly I find myself watching young people having fun and the involuntary thought pops up: "Youth Is wasted on the young..." But these millennial children, this new generation of spiritually minded intuitives, are mankind's only hope; and some of them seem ready to take their part in finally making things right. One can only hope and pray.

OK, since I'm letting it all hang out... What the hell is going on with Flag Day? I personally think that Obama and his flag lapel pin rhetoric made everybody nuts. In the Henderson neighborhood where I live nobody was displaying the flag yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't yesterday Flag Day? We drove to Overton Nevada, a small mostly Mormon populated town north of Vegas and all the families were displaying flags. I questioned one of the residents and he was quick to answer "We are all patriots here". God bless them all. When did displaying a flag and expressing a love for this country become wrong? OK. You can legally burn a flag ( what a mistake that decision was - thanks to the frickin' ACLU ) but that does not mean you have to hide your patriotism. Remember how people displayed the flag after September 11, 2001? Do we all feel that disenfranchised? And if you truly hate this country --- please leave!

Yes, I know times are tough for many people. I know many people are having financial difficulties and have other things on their minds like keeping their jobs, houses and cars --- and paying for gas. Yesterday I was driving south on the 95 towards Henderson and this old beat up pickup truck just stalled right in front of me in the center lane while I was following him ( luckily at a safe distance ) at 65 MPH. I had to quickly hit the breaks maneuver around this jerk and hope that the guy tailgating me wasn't distracted on his cell phone. I was lucky to avoid a serious accident. Now the question is: did this guy just run out of gas driving on the Freeway?

Last night, the security guard at Casino Monte Lago handed me my car keys and joked "Drive carefully ...if you do, you are the only one!" I told him about my near miss with death and he said he only drives on surface streets. This running out of gas in the middle of the Freeway thing might be a trend or unforeseen consequence of the oil crises. Drive carefully indeed!

So, in conclusion I am hoping that there is a dawn, and that is why this seems like the darkest hour.

Back to normal posts tomorrow!


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